Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized Blast Motion reseller. Many factors go into approving a new reseller account. Listed below are a few qualifying requirements to become an authorized Blast Motion reseller. If you meet these requirements, you can proceed to fill out the reseller information screening form below.

If you do NOT meet the initial screening requirements below, you will not be considered for the Blast Motion reseller program. 


In order to be considered for the authorized Blast Motion reseller program, you must meet and agree to the following reseller screening requirements and provide the requested information in the form on this page.

  • Must have a registered resell certificate for the states in which you do business.
  • Must be located in a commercial business location and have been in business for at least two years.
  • For brick & mortar retailers and online/catalog resellers only; no Amazon resellers will be considered.
  • Products purchased must not be resold to other entities where the product will be resold on Amazon. (ex: products can not be purchased from you and resold to companies that intend to sell the products on Amazon)
  • Must have the ability to track inventory and provide Blast Motion with a monthly report on current inventory position and sell-through.
  • Minimum order quantity: 24 units (or more)

If you meet the requirements above, please proceed with completing and submitting the "reseller information / reseller questions" form on this page. If we determine that you are a potential candidate for our reseller program, we will send you the rest of our reseller application and our reseller agreement to complete and submit. The completed application will be reviewed by our internal team before qualified candidates will be accepted into the program.